Luce Line State Trail


The Luce Line Trail is a state-established trail maintained
by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

It stretches 63 miles from the western metro suburb of Plymouth to the small town of Cosmos in west-central Minnesota.

The trail runs on a former railroad line and is available for Biking, Hiking, Running, Jogging, Walking, Dog Walking, Snowmobiling (west of Stubbs Bay Road), Cross Country Skiing (east of Stubbs Bay Road), and Snowshoeing (east of Stubbs Bay Road).

From Plymouth west about 30 miles to Winsted, the surface is limestone. There is also a parallel tread way for horseback riding. Snowmobiles are allowed on the trail west of Stubb’s Bay Road.

From Winsted west to Cosmos, the trail has a natural surface.

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Luce Line Trail History Intro

Colonel William Luce originally built the Luce Line Trail as the Electric Short Line Railway from downtown Minneapolis to west central Minnesota.

Somewhat hampered by financial constraints, the line was slowly expanded. In 1927, it reached its western most point at Gluek, Minn., which was referred to by employees as “the coast.”

The track was officially abandoned by the railroad in 1972 and was taken over by the DNR for a recreational trail in 1976. Funding, as well as political issues, have slowed its development at times, but improvements continue to be made.

The trail is a preserved strip of countryside with many varieties of plants and animals.

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