The Luce Line nips across the extreme northwestern corner of Minnetrista for about one mile, just east of the border between Hennepin and Carver Counties.

Minnetrista is another former rural agricultural township that has experienced suburban growth and expansion of new housing and hobby farms in the last 30 years, as its population has grown to 6,384.

Minnetrista is an approximation of the Native American word for the area “crooked water” which aptly describes the irregular bays of Lake Minnetonka that form part of its eastern border.

Lake Minnetonka Regional Park is under construction there, next to Carver Park Reserve. Carver Park Reserve lies along the southern border of Minnetrista in Victoria and Waconia.

Ox Yoke Lake lies between the trail and most of Minnetrista. Roads leading into Minnetrista that intersect the trail are Highways 19, 110, 92, and 26, as well as Game Farm Road and Ingerson Drive.

The city of Minnetrista has donated a triangle of land for a potential rest area next to the Luce Line just east of the junction with Highway 26. As land in Minnetrista has been subdivided for residential development, the community has worked to acquire land suited for trail linkages to the in city’s park and trail system plan.

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