The city of Plymouth is the eastern terminus of the Luce Line.

The trail runs for about a mile across Plymouth’s southwest corner. A picturesque spot on this first mile of the Luce Line is the trestle bridge crossing of Gleason Lake and the peninsula into the lake.

Like many western suburbs, Plymouth’s population has more than tripled in the last 30 years. Plymouth’s population has escalated from 18,000 in 1970, 50,888 in 1990, and 70,576 in the 2010 census. It is by far the largest community directly served by the Luce Line.

Plymouth covers an area similar to a township: a square, six miles on a side. Interstate 494 and Highway 55 bisect the city.

Clifton E. French Regional Park on Medicine Lake and the small community of Medicine Lake (population 371) are within its boundaries.

Except for the northwest corner of the city, Plymouth is developed for commercial or residential use. High-tech and medical device manufacturing firms are found there

Plymouth has 68 miles of trails or designated bike routes, by far the most comprehensive system of any of the towns along the Luce Line.

A paved trail extends one mile eastward from the Luce Line at Vicksburg Lane through Parker’ s Lake Park. Hennepin Parks plans to extend a trail eastward from the trail’s end across Medicine Lake and Golden Valley to Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis.

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