Despite its current designation as a city, Independence (population 3,504) retains some physical characteristics of a rural farming township.

Incorporated first as a township in 1858 and then as village in 1957, it became a city in 1972. Its population has risen by more than 40 percent in the last 20 years. City of Maple Plain

Like many fringe communities, former farms have been developed into hobby farms and large-lot home sites. Probably no more than 10 large farming operations remained in 1996, according to the city clerk/treasurer

Since Independence is outside the Met Council’s Municipal Service Area, most new home sites are usually five or more acres each.

The layout of Independence is that of a township: 36 mile-square sections. The trail runs east to west along almost all of the southernmost tier.



The Luce Line Trail passes by Lyndale (population approximately 50), an unincorporated area of Independence.

Lyndale once was a stop on the stage route, and there is an existing parking lot there.

Lake Rebecca Park Reserve and Lake Sarah Recreational Park, which are part of the Hennepin Parks System, lie partially within the extreme northwest corner of Independence. Morris T. Baker Park Reserve forms part of the city’s eastern boundary near Lake Independence.


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